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Investor Protection

Since the foundation of DCP Client Partner AG in 2004, we have stood by our clients as a partner. We also understand this to mean guaranteeing our clients the greatest possible protection. For this reason, we would like to provide some basic information about us and our understanding of partnership:

Who is DCP Client Partner

We are an independent asset management firm based in the heart of Zurich, founded in 2004. We always see ourselves as a "partner" on the side of our clients. Our service is therefore based on the principle of independence from product providers, banks, and other financial service providers. Our goal is a long-term customer relationship based on a fair and transparent basis. The management consists of CEO Sascha Peier, CIO Frank Winkler, and COO Marcel Moog.

DCP Client Partner AG
Dianastrasse 5
CH-8002 Zurich
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +41 (0)43 888 55 88 

Supervisory information

As one of the few independent asset managers, we have direct authorization as "Asset Manager of Collective Investment Schemes" from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA, located at Laupenstrasse 27, 3003 Bern. Thus, we have been under direct government supervision since 2013. In addition to collective portfolio management, the license also includes individual portfolio management as well as the license to manage assets of pension funds.

Our service offerings  

In Switzerland, we offer two types of financial services: Asset management and portfolio-based investment advice. To this end, we define the desired financial service in a personal meeting before the start of a new client relationship. It is crucial that the type of service matches the client's wishes and goals.

Our investment universe

We base all client-specific investment decisions on our client's goals as well as any investment restrictions and monitor assets and goal achievement on a daily basis. Our broad investment universe consists mainly of corporate bonds of excellent debtors from Europe as well as equities of companies with very high market capitalization from the core markets USA and Europe. Depending on the defined investment strategy, we supplement the portfolio with exchange-traded options on such equities. This allows us to supplement the usual dividend income for our clients with regular premium income. Occasionally, futures can be used for hedging and our own or third-party collective investment schemes (funds) for efficient portfolio construction. We are free in the selection of financial instruments and are not bound to specific product providers.

Client classification in terms of investor protection

The Swiss Financial Services Act FIDLEG divides clients of financial service providers into three segments, private clients, professional clients and institutional clients. Whereby private clients enjoy the greatest investor protection and institutional clients the least. The classification is based on the personal financial circumstances, experience, and financial expertise of the clients, or is derived from legally defined criteria, such as the size of the company or the use of a professional treasury. The aim of the FIDLEG is to establish a customer-specific level of protection.

→ We initially classify our customers as private customers, i.e., the category with the highest investor protection regulations. If legally prescribed criteria are met, there is the possibility of a higher classification, about which we inform our customers separately. 

The regulation gives our customers the opportunity to influence their customer classification themselves. Under certain conditions, the next higher classification with a lower level of protection (so-called opting-in) can be selected by written declaration. A lower classification with a higher level of investor protection (opting out), on the other hand, is available to all customers. Upon request, we will be happy to provide advice and the necessary documents.

Best execution principles

When executing our transactions, we always strive for the best possible result for our clients. In order to achieve this goal, we have established best execution principles that our securities traders always follow. We are happy to provide the exact details upon request.

Our approach to conflicts of interest

Absolute independence and uncompromising action in the interest of our clients are the cornerstones of our service. We do not enter into economic ties with third parties that could lead to client disadvantage and trigger conflicts of interest. We have taken appropriate organizational measures to identify potential conflicts of interest. We will be pleased to provide detailed information on the measures taken upon request.

Cost transparency is a top priority in our business relationships. Therefore, we would like to emphasize that we do not accept any reimbursements, commissions, retrocessions or other financial incentives from banks or other third parties. It goes without saying that we provide our interested parties with all the necessary information on our two remuneration options, flat fee with and without profit sharing (performance fee), in good time before the contract is concluded. 

Opportunities and risks arising from financial instruments

Transactions involving financial instruments are associated with opportunities, but also with risks. It is therefore important that our customers are aware of and understand these risks before making use of financial services. The brochure "Risks in Trading with Financial Instruments" published by the Swiss Bankers Association contains general information on typical financial services and on the characteristics and risks of financial instruments. We ask our clients to familiarize themselves with this information so that we can answer any unanswered questions before concluding a contract. The brochure is linked here. When personally recommending financial instruments to private customers, we also provide our customers with the basic information sheet or prospectus, if these documents exist.

Should you ever be dissatisfied

We do not always succeed in striving for perfection, because despite the greatest care, even we are not immune to errors. If our customers are not satisfied, they are invited to address the problem directly to our management. Of course, our clients also have the possibility to contact the following independent ombudsman:

FINOS Financial Ombudsman Switzerland
Talstrasse 20
8001 Zurich
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: +41 (0) 44 552 08 00

As of August 2023.

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